PROGRAM MANAGEMENT – why it is important?

One of the top reasons for inefficient project delivery is – ignoring the importance of project program monitoring and evaluation. Unfortunately, this aspect, although known to many contractors, tend to be given little priority.

Monitoring and evaluation, although often considered same, they are actually distinct functions.

Monitoring is a process by which a project’s physical progress and resource consumption are tracked on routine basis to establish any divergence to the project base-line schedule and resource allocation.

Evaluation is the process of analyzing information received through monitoring to predict the project trend in terms of any significant departure from project expectations.

Program management is continuous and objective assessment of a project status. It provides real-time update of the project progress with diagnosis of likely slippages/bottlenecks to facilitate timely decisions.

The program management function consists of

  • Reviewing Project Schedule
  • Periodical monitoring of progress of projects against plan
  • Prediction of trend (likely slippages) based on site data – whether likely to delay
  • Proposing preventive actions for schedule recovery
  • Analysing reasons of delay and identifying responsible party
  • Preparing reports with supporting data and submitting to the contract management team to prepare claim if applicable
  • Generating MIS for over-all project monitoring and governance


OUR EXPERT SERVICES - How we can help you

Our experts have advanced hands-on knowledge of Schedule Analysis. We assist clients with schedule analysis and estimation of damages related to delays, disruptions, and acceleration.

Our experts at Program management team will

  • maintain and update records of site work progress obtained from you
  • review and monitor Project Program Implementation Schedule
  • prepare and submit Monthly Program Report on work progress
  • participation in Project Meetings and Discussion, as required
  • analyse and quantify delays
  • conduct visits at project sites, do site survey and collect field data – if required