INSURANCE – it protects your assets!

The Complex Operation and the Capital nature of Construction and Engineering projects require competent individuals as well as continuous insurance service. These projects are exposed to a lot of risk from natural calamity, incorrect operation, sabotage and others including faulty design, which may result in sudden and unforeseen losses/damages to property, breakdown, escalation of cost, stoppage of work, loss of profits as well as loss of life and third party liability.
Though Insurance is procured mostly for compliance purpose and considered as “only a cost”, it could actually be a source of revenue if opportunities for claims are tracked and managed professionally through experts.

Contractor's All Risks Insurance Policy

Construction projects such as bridges, dams, buildings, theatres, factory sheds, warehouses, oil / gas pipelines, water / sewage projects etc. are covered against Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Flood, Storm, Tempest, Landslide, Malicious Damage, Burglary, Bad Workmanship, Earthquake & Shock, Collapse & Wet Risk.

Erection All Risks / Storage-cum-Erection Insurance Policy

All risks pertaining to projects during the course of storage, erection, testing and commissioning of electrical plant and machines and structures involving civil engineering work. Insurance commences from the time of first unloading of materials at a site.

Machinery Breakdown Insurance Policy

Boilers, Electrical machinery, Mechanical Machinery and Lifting Equipments can be insured under this policy.

  • Machinery can be at work or at rest.
  • Machinery dismantled for cleaning/overhauling and in course of these operations being shifted within specified premises or being re-erected subsequently is also covered.

Machinery Loss of Profit Insurance Policy

Reduction in Gross Profit due to fall in turnover / output and increased cost of working of a company arising out of accidental damage to machinery / boilers as a result of operation of an insured peril. This policy can be taken in conjunction with Fire or Machinery breakdown policy.


OUR EXPERT SERVICES – how we can help you

Complete Insurance Solutions
  • Review of Insurance portfolio
  • Setting Insurance priorities
  • Analysing underwriting aspects
  • Negotiation with insurers on premium rates and coverage
  • Customized value added solutions and placement of insurance
  • Periodic Insurance audit
Risk Management Solutions
  • Systematic identification and assessment of risks
  • Proper evaluation of risks
  • Effective risk control measures
Claims Management
  • Documentation
  • Co-ordination with approved surveyors and loss assessors
  • Negotiation for better claims recovery
  • Expedition of claims management
  • Post claim review & solutions
  • Legal representation for managing litigation