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CLAIM E SOLUTIONS is a professional organization promoted by experts having significant experience in construction and infrastructure space to provide specialized services in the areas of contract management, claim advice & preparation, dispute resolution, insurance and can manage all the phases of your contract from the inception of the contractual relationship to contract close-out.

Contract Management

All business relationships stand on one basic foundation and that is contract. The obligations of a contract, though seem relatively simple as one reads them in the body of a contract.

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Program Management

There are several reasons behind construction projects not being completed in time and resulting in consumption of unbudgeted resources and therefore cost over-run. Substantial amount of funds are...

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Claim Management

Generally, all contracts define the primary relationship among parties to a construction project, thus forming the basis of all claims. The documents in a contract include the contract agreement itself.

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Dispute Resolution

The dispute resolution process has a huge impact on the Indian economy and particularly on the construction sector as disputes are almost inevitable in this sector considering the mega scale of the projects.

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Insurance Management

The Complex Operation and the Capital nature of Construction and Engineering projects require competent individuals as well as continuous insurance service. These projects are exposed to a lot of...

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